At Contin, we always welcome partnership opportunities worldwide, no matter which industry you are coming from. There are all kinds of collaborate we are looking for, with our suppliers, distributors and development partners. Our success is tightly connected with our relationships with our business partners and stakeholders. So we are taking below approaches when dealing with our partners.

We expect not only reliable quality and service from our suppliers, but also inventiveness and flexibility. Our aim is not to settle for the easiest solution based on best price but to add value in a way that contributes to our long-term success. We stand firmly behind our business principle to never compromise on quality, and only accepting the highest standard. These allow us to sustain utmost integrity with each and every one of our business decisions. We are committed to meet these expectations, and we in turn trust that all of our suppliers and partners will honor the same values and code of conduct below. We expect, upon request by Contin, suppliers shall allow us to access relevant documents necessary to demonstrate compliance with this code of conduct.

Thanks to our existing partners who share our passion and values, we are able to achieve such success today. And we are looking forward to working with more like-minded corporations in the future, to explore the unlimited potential together.