Pressure sensing as input mechanism has been applied in a wide variety of applications for different types of functions. Change in forces (such as contact and/or touches of devices) are detected and measured with pressure sensor, mostly beneath interface materials or protective covers. Pressure sensor pad is one of the electronic devices making use of the pressure sensing technology to capture physical forces applied to the device to generate a response.

Some of the common structures of sensor pads includes sensing contact of electrodes layers and dielectric layers to allow circuit to be completed and signals to be passed through. The pressure sensors pad may have a normally open contact which closes upon pressure applied to the sensor and then re-opens in the absence of pressure. Load shifting can be detected accurately, even across a wide surface. When a person applied pressure to or vacates from a sensor pad, it will generate a signal.

As sensitivity of pressure sensor pad can be adjusted, even the lightest weight can be sensed with the fastest speed and highest accuracy. As a result, the pressure sensor pad technology can be applied for a wide variety of functions across different industries, including covert detection tools for security applications, sensors for interactive toys, devices for healthcare industry sensing presence of subject to be monitored, sensors for interactive multimedia systems which provides accurate targeting to the one triggering the pressure sensor, and many more other possible functions.


.Custom sensor pad size

.Strong durable & Anti – bacterial material

.Air pressure sensing

.Skidproof and Foldable