Why you need OEM Services?

For each solution, different customers have their own unique demands and usage practice. With our OEM services, you can develop your own branded products with enhanced features or upgraded design from our standard solutions, feel free to discuss the unlimited potential.

Why you need Contract Manufacturing?

Rely on our high-quality manufacturing lines to actualize your business concepts and transforming them into commercialized solutions. With our specialized production equipment, we are capable in handling even the most complicated manufacturing procedures, and also helping with prototype testing and redesigning.

Why shall we joint development?

Developing new technologies and new solutions comes with high costs. By joint development, we can pool resources such as specialized knowledge for different projects, sharing risk and time spend on development. This allow both Contin and our partners to advance from innovations generated by the combination of technical expertise.

Who are we looking for in joint development?

We are glad to collaborate and work with all kinds of partners, including:

Universities Research Teams

R&D Institutes

Commercial Brands

Technology Firms

Government Authorities


and any others who share our passion and ambition.

Contin’s Joint Development Projects

Let’s explore infinite possibilities ahead, together!